Wet Brush Detangler & Hair Towel Gift Pack

Wet Brush Detangler & Hair Towel Gift Pack

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This Wet Brush Deluxe Detangler and Hair Towel Gift Pack features a deluxe detangler and a hair towel. The Wet Brush gift pack provides a pair of essential hair care tools that ensure silkier, smoother and beautiful looking hair. While the deluxe detangler is made with exclusive IntelliFlex bristles that flex with your hair to remove knots with ease. It also minimizes damage on wet or dry hair and reduces breakage and pain. The deluxe hair towel is made from 100% microfiber that keeps the towel in place and is super absorbent to remove excess moisture. This hair towel is machine washable.

This deluxe gift pack includes:

Detangler Wet Brush:

  • Exclusive IntelliFlex Bristles detangle hair with ease
  • Brush works great on wet or dry hair, minimizes hair breakage and pain
  • Works well on all hair types
  • Approx. 9"L x 5"W

Deluxe Hair Towel:

  • Super absorbent 100% microfiber towel gently removes moisture from hair
  • Machine washable
  • Approx. 8"L x 2"W

About the Brand: Introducing the miraculous Wet Brush. The Wet Brush may look like an ordinary hair brush, but with just one use, women, men and children will learn why it's the world's best detangling brush! Used on wet or dry hair, the Wet Brush's IntelliFlex bristles are designed to be ultra thin and flexible, in order to painlessly detangles even the thickest, most stubborn hair. Perfect for use in the shower, after a shower, at a salon, on a beach or on children who cringe at the sight of a hair brush. The Wet Brush allows anybody to have beautiful, soft, healthy and tangle-free locks.