Me Safe Face Shields For Protection

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Why Face Shield

  • They provide greater facial surface area coverage by protecting all the facial mucosal surfaces from infectious droplets.
  • They prevent you from touching your face and this reduces the risk for autoinoculation by contaminated hands.
  • Face shields are durable, can be cleaned after use, the visor can replace easily and reuse repeatedly.
  • Communication is better with shields.
  • If all the healthcare workers are shielded, they feel much safe.
  • Suitable and comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • The suitable gap between the face and visor and innovative the design ensures comfortable breathing & anti-fogging.
  • No gaps for droplets to come in contact.
  • Sweatproof foam for better hygiene.


  • Head Gear: Made of Acrylic Plastic, Multiple Use/ Long life / Easily Cleanable / Lightweight / Water Resistant / Service
  • Temperature: - 40° c to 60° c
  • Visor: Made of PVC / OHP Sheet Easily Replaceable / Transparent / Clear View / Single-Use
  • Elastic Band: Easily Adjustable for perfect öt / No stress on ears 4.5 mm Sweatproof soft foam ensures no mark on the forehead.

Used and recommended by doctors & health professionals.