Hair Toxx Home Care Full Treatment Kit 140ml

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(Nourishing, Deep Cleansing, Reconstructive & Regenerative Treatment)

Specially developed to prolong the Hair Toxx results. The home care line provides additional protection to the hair! The Vitality shampoo and Vitality masque is responsible for daily care and is free of parabens, sulfate and mineral oil. The 3 application kit is a one-month treatment that reinforces professional results. For a luminous touch, finalize your hair care routine with few pumps of the Açaí Infusion Oil for a 3D shine and ultra-soft touch!

  • Protective Mosque,
  • Revitalizing Serum,
  • Gentle Clarifier

HAIR DEEP TREATMENT: This revolutionary and proficient hair treatment is made to be used with or without the hair cryotherapy concept. When used alone it generates repairs at the level of the cuticle, making hair shiny and smooth. However, when used in conjunction with the frozen iron (-5° F /20.6° C), recovery to the hair from damage and dryness is achieved by freezing nourishment and protein into the hair. This is the coolest way to "freeze out" damaged hair!

NUMEROUS BENEFITS: Hair Toxx acts as a shielding agent during any hair salons chemical bleaching process (discoloration), or from heat like irons, blow dryers, and environmental damage. This product is a gentle clarifier that eliminates all residues and buildup without damaging and weighing down your hair. This home care product hydrates into the hair’s cortex, promoting texture, softness, and elasticity. It leaves hair radiant and soft to the touch. It is salt-free and parabens free.

HYALURONIC ACID: A carbohydrate compound that is found in our bodies, it can draw 1000x its weight in moisture from the surrounding air. ACAÍ BERRY: A Brazilian fruit that is completely rich in anthocyanin, it provides natural protection against environmental stressors. Açaí Berry is also rich in vitamins A and B1, proteins, and essential fatty acids, including linoleic acid (omega-6) and oleic (omega-9) acid, It also protects from UV radiation.

NUTRITIOUS AND FORTIFYING: Revitalizing serum deeply penetrates and prevents hair from becoming dull and lifeless. It contains an advanced restorative power through its lipophilic nature that fortifies the hair from the inside-out. The Lipophilic masque complex is made of a protein-coated collagen membrane rich in anthocyanin, providing a natural protective mechanism against environmental stressors.

This Hair Toxx serum interacts with the capillary structures in hair, replenishing the natural lipid layer lost to environmental and chemical damage. We make your busy life a little less hectic by providing an easy way to get shiny, manageable, and more voluminous hair. Try our product without worry because we have confidence that you will see results and be thrilled with your purchase.