AVL Express Anytime Mani Pedi Home Care Pack

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  1. SEA RUB SALT:  This natural salt is highly concentrated with essential minerals from the dead sea such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and other minerals that are vital for your hands/feet skin health. This salt softens, nourishes, cleanses and refreshes your feet.

  2. SEA DIP SOAK: Prepare for treatment by submerging hands or feet into effervescent water increasing circulation and relaxing the client. This Soak helps to remove tanning effectively. Essential oil aromas infuse the air as cuticles and skin are softened. 

  3. SEA WET CLEANSER: An aromatic cleansing gel, with a new improved formula and oriental scent of green apple. Designed specifically for the care of dry, tired, lacking energy skin.

  4. SEA GRIND SCRUB: This specially formulated Scrub is designed to work quickly & effectively. This scrub effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, breakdown callused skin and revive skin. Leaves skin prepared to absorb vitamins & minerals

  5. SEA LUSH CREAM: Massage with this thick creamy formulation provides relief that leaves hands and feet supremely moisturized. This invigorating hand & foot cream helps hydrate and detoxify dry hands and feet.

  6. SEA CURE MASK: Detoxifies the skin, eliminates dead skin particles and impurities, leaving the skin smoother and radiant.

  7. SEA MIST SERUM: This serum penetrates deep into the skin & provides a radiant glow to the hands & feet.