Your How to Guide to Having a Safe Salon Experience


From perfect hairstyles to flawless manicures, nothing comes closer to the feeling of walking out from your trusted salon feeling like an absolute star. Forgive us for being dramatic but there’s just something so magical about going to your favorite pampering spot and being treated like absolute royalty!

Be it the smell of expensive professional products or the funny tin foil crowns on multiple heads, salon services just make you look forward to them and keep you coming back for more!

Whoever said beauty is pain, must’ve known about the coronavirus long back. Courtesy of the global pandemic, our favorite spots had been closed for months, but thanks to the recent developments, things are finally looking up. With the new information about salons opening up, salon enthusiasts couldn't be happier. No kidding, just thinking about being back in those big recliner chairs getting the perfect scalp wash with a professional shampoo is making us feel all kinds of ways.

As you get ready to go to your favorite spots in the city, we understand your apprehension about safety. We’ve thus curated for you the perfect how-to guide to have a safe salon experience while having the best time!

  • Understand the precautions your salon is taking in respect to the COVID situation
    Before making your visit to your salon, make a quick call, and understand what precautions your favorite professionals are taking. This won’t just help calm your nerves but also ready you for what is coming your way. That being said, being safe is a two-way street. Just like the salon must conduct services and treatments in the safest way possible, it’s our duty to keep ourselves and others around us safe.

Read on to find out what you as a customer can do-

  • Keep your nose and mouth covered
    DO NOT step out without a mask. You saw this one coming, didn't you? Wearing a mask is the most basic and essential step for a safe salon experience and MUST not be avoided. The ME SAFE SN-95 face mask is a good pick as it is anti-bacterial, anti-pollution, and anti-dust while being super breathable and stylish. You can buy this mask which comes with a 6 Layer Triple Particle Filtration System here.

If you’re someone who likes to be extra cautious, we suggest investing in a face shield. Not only do they help in preventing the spread of bacteria but also prevent you from frequently touching your face.

The ME SAFE face shield is the perfect choice as it provides greater facial surface area coverage by protecting all the facial mucosal surfaces from any infectious droplets.

  • Carry your Sanitizer
    We’re sure you’ll find a lot of sanitizers dispensing machines at your local salon but since you’ll be traveling, CARRY YOUR OWN. The AVL HAND SANITIZER is an effective, herbal, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills 99.9 percent of germs, prevents infection, and ensures total hand hygiene in seconds. You can buy this goodness of Aloe Vera and Neem right here.

Still don’t feel safe enough?

  • Carry your own kits!
    Brands like ME SAFE enable anyone and everyone to get themselves the perfect disposable kit specific to their preferred salon treatment. From general bed treatment kits to treatment specific kits like the Mani/Pedi kit and the Waxing Kit, they have something for everyone.

These kits were originally made for salon professionals, however, there is now a growing demand of the same by the general population too.

You can never be TOO safe, right?

Stock up on these essentials and you’re good to go. Trendy hairstyles await, time to be stylish yet safe!