Me Safe Disposable Haircut/ Color Kit (Luxury)

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Me Safe salon essential kits are invented to impart an experience which is 100% hygienic yet eco-friendly. Me Safe insures to bring a confident and reliable environment to their consumers. 360 degree certified and approved Me Safe salon essentials are tailor-made for all services offered, from facials, waxing, hair colouring, cutting, pedicures, spas etc. inside a salon to deliver a safe experience.

All Me Safe raw materials procured are non-toxic, harmless, antimicrobial and in correspondence with guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation & Government of India.

Kit Contents:

Cutting Cape For Client Quantity : 1, size :63x30, 40 gsm

Towel For Client Quantity : 1, size :22x16, 60-70 gsm

Towel For Client Quantity : 1, size :20x36 ,60-70 gsm

Disposable Apron For Stylist Quantity : 1, 40 gsm

Shoulder Cover Quantity : 1