The Low Tox Life: 4 Simple Changes to Make


It’s 2020 and being ignorant citizens of the planet is no longer an option. Being mindful of your exposure to environmental toxins is a basic necessity that is unavoidable for everyone.

With that said, keeping it natural and toxin-free can be quite a task due to the large variety and easy availability of cheap and chemically induced products that come with harmful packaging.

If you want to shift to the low tox life with your loved ones but don’t know where to start, this article is for you! We, at MBK, have for you some simple ideas and changes around skin and home care products that you can incorporate into your life that not only reduce your family’s exposure to toxins but also help our beautiful mother nature.

Switching to a life with absolutely no toxins can seem impossible at the start. Start with steps.


Step no.1 should be reducing exposure. Take a closer look at the ingredients contained in your favorite skincare products. It’s worth doing some investigation into switching make-up, cleansers, deodorant, and even hair care products and going for safer and more natural options. We’re all beings of the earth and there is nothing greater for us than the gifts of nature.

In our opinion, you simply don’t need heavy-duty skincare products. Wherever possible, it’s best to opt for gentle skincare products that are free from known toxins, irritants, and any ingredient that has a question mark over its safety. Instead, choose natural skincare products like those made by Bomb Cosmetics.

Each and every product is made with extracts of plants, flowers, and fruit to ensure that you only get the best of nature. They even moved all of the glitter in their products to a new type of bio-degradable sparkle which is a special regenerated Celluloseis made from Eucalyptus tree extract! What’s more? Their products are also hand-made! No constant residues and factory smoke ruining are already compromised air quality. Phew!

All of the Bomb Cosmetics are lovingly handmade thanks to their team of over 250 Bomb-er Lomb-ers! Molded, mixed, rolled, and piped entirely by hand, their crafters ensure that each and every product is unique, gorgeous, and gentle on both the skin and the environment.


Keeping your home clean is a never-ending battle that we, at MBK, completely relate with!  Especially, in times of the pandemic, with everyone home and messy, it can be quite tempting to turn to the strongest, harshest chemicals to get rid of dirt, mould, and grime. But not only does this increase your family’s exposure to toxic fumes but it also means you’re washing toxic water down the plughole and out to the ocean where, slowly but surely, we’re poisoning our environment and the beautiful creatures in it.

We thus recommend going for natural cleaning products and DIY products that clean your gorgeous home while maintaining its purity. Vinegar is one natural ingredient that is a popular cleaning agent and can help clean without the toxins. Ditch the chemical products and make a switch to natural ones to provide your baby that extra safety.

And for the ever-so-important hand sanitizers, AVL is your best bet! Effective, herbal, and alcohol-based, this sanitizer kills 99/9% germs and ensures total hand hygiene. The Aloe Vera and Neem extracts ensure that viruses, bacteria, and fungi are at bay, all while moisturizing your hands to keep them soft!


When buying produce for cooking, reduce your exposure to harmful pesticides by choosing organic produce at the supermarket whenever you can. Or better yet, head to your local farmer’s market to stock up on deliciously fresh and significantly cheaper fruit and veggies! Shopping this way also reduces your carbon footprint.

It’s not always easy to avoid packaged and highly processed foods but doing so can help reduce your family’s exposure to additives and preservatives that aren’t ideal for optimal health. Wherever possible, cooking from scratch using whole foods is the best way to eat nutritious and tasty food and make sure you and your family are healthy and getting all the desired nutrients.


There is no question that the global reliance on plastic products has reached crisis levels. You might think your contribution as one human won’t make much of a difference but making simple switches like opting for natural skincare products for the earth is easier than you think.

So what can you do?

  • Avoid single-use plastics in skincare products and household products
  • whenever you can
  • Use reusable shopping bags when you’re out and about
  • Invest in reusable drink bottles and coffee cups
  • If you must use plastic, make sure it’s BPA-free
  • Go for sustainably packed skincare products- Bomb Cosmetics is again a great brand if you’re looking for responsible packaging.

When it comes to embracing the low-tox life, it can feel overwhelming. Aim for small, sustainable changes over time – your children will thank you for a clean planet.