Soothing Winter Skincare Tips You Need to Know!

soothing-winter-skincare-tips-you-need to-know

Early sunsets, warm cocoa, big sweaters, and good books. These describe some of our best winter days.

Truth be told, there’s nothing like winters. However, for our skincare enthusiasts out there, winters might be bringing in more than just their favorite baggy sweatshirts. With winters come worry for those with delicate skin.

The cold air can steal the natural moisture from your skin, leaving it dry, itchy, and irritated. It is thus essential to take care of it.

We, at MBK, have come up with some effective winter skincare tips using the most nourishing products online. Read on to get smooth and soft skin even during the harsh winds of winter!


Chilly days just lend themselves to long, warm baths, don’t they? But spending too long in warm water can actually be drying to your delicate skin. So it’s best to keep them short and sweet using your favorite bath-time products. The Bomb Cosmetics’ Bath Mallows naturally soften and moisturize your skin during bath-time. Full of the goodness of pure Shea and Cocoa butter, they gently melt in your bath, releasing deeply nourishing and moisturizing kinds of butter to condition and hydrate your skin.


When it comes to drying the skin post a bath or a wash, always pat instead of rubbing. Always, always, always resist rubbing as too much towel friction can chap delicate skin.


After every bath, remember to feed your body some nourishing body butter.

With Bomb Cosmetics’ range of body butter, you can forget about dry skin. The entire natural body butter is made with pure essential oils and Shea Butter, making them super rich and moisturizing. Remember to apply a thin layer after every bath and massage gently.

Hydration just got butter with Bomb!


Those cold blasts of winter air can be harsh for delicate skin, but did you know that indoor heating systems can wreak just as much havoc? Add perspiring in heavy layers of clothing and it’s a recipe for dry, flaky skin! Hydration is the key to keeping your skin soft and soothed during winters so don’t forget to always have some H2O handy.

In winter, our bodies tend to send us fewer thirst signals than in hotter weather – so it may be helpful to set a reminder on your phone to keep those drink-breaks up.

And of course, naturally soothing skincare products online are essential for keeping skin hydrated on the outside. Try using a body lotion like the Bomb Cosmetic’s Milk and Honey body lotion after each bath. This Body Lotion makes for an intensely moisturizing experience that will provide long-lasting hydration while promoting the growth of healthy skin cells. One of the most hydrating baby products online, this body butter softens and soothes while locking in the vital moisture. Try it out here.


Did you know that your facial epidermis layer is three to five times thinner than yours and is made up of much smaller cells than those of the skin on your body?  It is thus important to only use skincare products online that are specifically made for facial skin. We highly recommend RAS’ Radiance Beauty-Boosting Day Face Elixir as it not only boosts the luminescence of your skin but also keeps it hydrated and moisturized in chilly weather. Use it with the Ras Rose Quartz Face Roller so that the product can completely seep in.

Full of Vitamin C, it brightens up the face leaving it with a sublime glow that you will absolutely adore!


We stock up on the hats and we stock up on the coats, but what’s often left exposed is our mouth in winters! This often leads to dry and damaged lips that are craving moisture.

Our recommendation would be generously applying the Oh-So Luxe liquid Lip Balm by RAS to instantly plump up and smoothen your lips. Deeply nourishing and hydrating, this lip balm also helps in reducing pigmentation.

Want to be spoilt for choice? We also have a massive range of lip balms by Bomb Cosmetics.  

Their lip balms are made with natural butter that soothes and moisturizes the lips while adding a pop of color.

Don’t let the chilly winds get to your skin. Step up your winter-care today with the best skin care products online, only on MyBeautyKart!